About Us

Camila Moreira brings to the u.s. an innovative methodology developed, tested, and approved over the years in the brazilian architecture market, with a systematic approach and a multidisciplinary view of legal, technical, and operational dimensions of architecture projects


The services are based on the innovative PAR methodology, which consists of the following phases :

  1. Obtaining detailed knowledge of all legal, commercial, and technical documentation available, as well as rules, procedures, strategies, and available budget by the client, at the start of the work.
  2. Moving on to the planning and preparation of documentation that allows the entire team to fully understand what the project manager and entrepreneur want, how they want it, and when they want it, definitively integrating all the technical offices hired into the business.
  3. Once this is done, there is the entire elaboration and implementation of the guidelines, technical instruction, controls, follow-up of evolution, procedural guidance, functional organization, content analysis, and issuance of technical reports for consolidation in the step meetings.
  4. The result is the validation of the final documentation with its release, making Ms. Moreira available for its presentation, apart from assistance to the work on doubts in general and/or doubts that may go back to the moment of the client’s decisions throughout the development of the project



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